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2019 Expressions Artist Statements

William Dozier

William Dozier

William Dozier
Platte City, MO

What can poets say about themselves without being too verbose or overly self-appreciating? I write because I must, not to mention it is one ov the many skills this one armed man can still do. Even when not focused on writing the words still come, which is why I always keep pencil & paper at hand. Aside from writing poetry, I have self-published 7 books in the last 4 years (available everywhere online) & can be found all around the KC area reading my poetry plus that ov others. Other than writing & performing poetry, for the past year I have been the proud Host ov Steel’s Variety Show at Steel’s Used Books in NKC every 4th Friday. Come out & see Us if you can! If that wasn’t enough for ya, I’ll end this Artist Statement with My Microbio: Atheist, artist, philosopher, poet, polymath, publisher, SVS host, dead man.