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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2020 Expressions Artists

Leslie Norman Hubble

Leslie Norman Hubble

Leslie Norman Hubble
Kansas City, MO

My pieces are based on the struggle to be human and reconcile what is on the inside with what is on the outside. Disturbing content is often my inspiration. I am obsessed with beauty based on the distressing and let art interpret overload and disorder. I try to emphasize color, texture, and information. I construct and manipulate images and information from the physical, technological, medical, mental, cultural, and existential world and let art reveal a truth and beauty. I draw, paint in acrylic, collage, and do digital art and photo manipulation, often incorporating various items, such as x-rays, sonograms, electronic parts, graphs, bar codes, dolls. I want to confront the frightening and create less conventional ways of seeing the body, mind, spirit, and modern culture.

As an artist with disabilities Expressions will impact me tremendously. I am dedicated, driven to making art, and it is therapeutic for me; however, my physical and mental disabilities me in several ways. I feel Expressions can help remove some roadblocks to my growth. For example, I believe Expressions can teach me, in ways I can understand, how to network more effectively and potentially expose me to new information I can use to improve my art. My physical disability limits my capacity to seek venues, install and show my work. My work exhibited at multiple locations through Expressions will be invaluable. Spiritually, I will experience the joy of sharing my art. I feel Expressions will help my goal to obtain financial support by possible sales of my work, on-line and in proper locales.