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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2020 Expressions Artists

Luna (Aquilla) Elfindale

Luna (Aquilla) Elfindale

Luna (Aquilla) Elfindale
Kansas City, MO

As my journey with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome continues, I find more and more I am unable to do. I find it harder to hold my DSLR, even balancing my cellphone to take a photo when having to walk with my cane to snap a photo can be challenging but I can still do both and will still do both because what pain distracts me from remembering my photos will always keep for me.

Ehlers Danlos is very tricky I have good days and bad months. It’s so hard for me to make commitments or finish projects but being blessed with the opportunity to take part in Expressions last year I learned how much more motivated I was to continue to take photos, paint more and give myself more kindness on my bad days. I tend to get very down on myself for not contributing more to society, but this gave me a real sense that I wasn’t just a waste of space I had art here in town and that space was making people happier.