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    Missouri Office 816-561-0304
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    Kansas Office 913-871-4188
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    Home Health Care, St. Joseph 816-364-0900


TWP Staff Volunteer Form

Staff Volunteer Request Form

Non-exempt (hourly) employees are considered “at work” if they work/volunteer at an event during off work hours and will be offered an adjusted work schedule for that pay period. These events must be approved by the employee’s Manager and is at the sole discretion of the Manager.

Events that require time away from work during an employee’s normal work schedule are limited to 16 hours per fiscal year. (Examples include: Disability Advocacy Day, Hands Around the Capital, TWP Events, etc.)

Prior to each Volunteer Event:
Fill out the downloadable form below. Sign the form and have the form signed by your manager. Return the completed form to Kelly Grooms. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly at ext. 2232 or at kgrooms@thewholeperson.org